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What is AKOi ?


Within the category of lighting, AKOi is TPNET’s  design project brand producing and selling lamp which has various functionalities and new possibilities.

AKOi Concept


Our target is to discover and design the value from Shape & Light, the new form of unique lights.

Key Message !


With lamp designed for everyone to use it easily, AKOi will always present to our customers sensual and convenient design with perfect quality.

Patent Information


i-lamp has completed registering many patents and product certifications based on unique technology and functionality.

Key Members


Founder / Engineer   An Bong-hyun  

Executive Director     Yae Eun-jun


Co-Members / Design Partnership


Product Designer   Park Jong-won

Graphic Designer   Han Hee-seok


Company History


Information about our company

and the history of the brand.

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