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Spaceship Lamp S3

/ Mobile Lamp with Babycare Bluetooth

TPNET's second Spaceship Lamp has implemented the most basic lighting function and as well as Babycare Bluetooth system for all parents.

Feature and Spec



Width 155 x Length 85 x Height 55 (mm)


Main function_


Capacitive touch sensor & Control 4 levels of Brightness
Babycare service through Bluetooth system
Easy way of charging with micro USB charger
Curved designed & portable size

제품의 사이즈_


120 x 120 x 50 (mm)


제품의 주요기능_


4단계 조명 설정

모바일배터리로 손쉬운 충전 및 사용

블루투스를 통한 Babycare 시스템 적용

실리콘 케이스를 통한 벽걸이 기능

Product Keypoint

Touch sensor 

BlueTooth system

Micro USB charger

Portable size


Capacitive touch sensor


Two circular buttons are located in the curved body design and available for convenient and accurate control built-in with capacitive touch sensor.


Baby service with Blue tooth system


Based on Bluetooth system, it alarms or inform if baby is crying or sleeping well to your smartphone.


Micro USB charger


Charge it with your mobile charger cable or micro USB charger wherever you are.



Portable size


It is a portable size of 155 x 85 x 55 (mm) with curved design so that you can carry it around.

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